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Jul 05, 2023, 4:00 am UTC

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Stories that change the narrative about brain health

For too long, science has merely chipped away at understanding — and solving— issues around women’s mental and neurological health. In fact, bias, discrimination, and harassment still plague the worlds of healthcare and medical research, making it hard for women to get the care they deserve and holding back women in STEM who can usher in change.  
Still, countless women are raising their voices to share their truths in an effort to inform, support, and empathize with many others who are on a similar health journey.  
The articles in this collection by the wmnHealth team tackle an array of complex issues from racism, ageism, and weight bias, to homophobia, and highlight solutions with the power to transform women’s brain health.  

The Hidden Health Cost of Black Hair 

Brain imaging tools do not work for all hair textures. An innovation designed with Black hair in mind addresses this bias.

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The Happiness Code 

LGBTQIA2S+ elders are thriving, despite facing decades of discrimination. So what can we learn from them about cultivating resilience?

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Living With Parkinson’s  

Parkinson’s takes a heavy mental and physical toll. Caroline Thornton shares her journey of accepting and living with the condition.  

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When Weight Stigma Is a Matter of Life and Death 

Women with obesity aren’t imagining bias at the doctor’s office. But what can they do about it?  

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Ask wmnHealth 

Health information is everywhere, and much of it is riddled with jargon. Our visual explainers offer clear explanations of concepts that matter to women’s brain health. 

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