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Mar 14, 2023, 4:00 am UTC

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Take Charge of Your Health: 5 essential spring reads

Women face enormous pressures to nurture people around them, leaving little to no room for them to prioritize their own health. This creates a lasting cycle of inequities that affect their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  
Chosen by the wmnHealth team, here are five must-read books that use a compelling mix of history, research, and personal stories to empower women to be better advocates of their health


1. The Problem of Alzheimer’s: How Science, Culture and Politics Turned a Rare Disease Into a Crisis and What We Can Do About It

By Jason Karlawish (St. Martin's Press) 

Women are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s than men. This book by physician and writer Jason Karlawish explores the history and treatments of the disease, mapping out what we know about it, what mysteries remain, and how we can improve dementia care.  


2. Permission to Come Home Reclaiming Mental Health as Asian Americans

By Jenny Wang (Balance)  

Psychologist Jenny Wang’s guidebook breaks down stigma of mental health in the Asian American community by inviting readers to break away from the fear of failure and giving them a roadmap toward acceptance and belonging.  


3. Rebel Bodies

By Sarah Graham (Green Tree) 

Women’s health is globally overlooked. This empowering read by health journalist Sarah Graham delves into the painful legacy of gender bias in medicine and explains how sexism has impacted health outcomes for women. 


4. Legacy: Trauma, Story, and Indigenous Healing

By Suzanne Methot (ECW Press) 

Indigenous writer Suzanne Methot explains how decades of colonialization have traumatized indigenous communities, resulting in a sense of isolation and helplessness that has been inherited by generation after generation. She gently invites readers on a healing journey using traditional medicine and wellness practices, bringing them closer to their culture and heritage.   


5. The Electricity of Every Living Thing: One Woman's Walk with Asperger's

By Katherine May (Trapeze) 
This raw memoir by author and podcaster Katherine May describes her journey of coming to terms with her autism diagnosis. She proceeds to looks at her life in a new light, understanding why she faced sensory challenges as a child and why motherhood has been so overwhelming. Her experiences offer comfort and encourage self-acceptance.   


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